Eileen Burke Woodward

Writer – Actor – Improviser – Comedian*

* Side Effects:   Mom, Veteran, Web Dev, Miszus, Singer, AARPer, Dancing Queen, Procrastinator, Evil Step Mom, Menopaust, Your Eternal Flame, Sometimes Funny.


Some Samples
Sweet – Silly – Super – Syrup

Funny Women

A mini-documentary about a group of women that I met at an Improv class in Santa Cruz. (2023)


When Mother calls (inspired by Nick Kroll’s mean to mom bit) (2023)

Uncle Mal

Uncle Mal

Ryan seeks advice from his Uncle Mal.  (2021)

Uncle Mal

Home From Hollywood

Nathan returns home for the holidays.  (2022)

Sharon Saccharine

Eileen's Stand Up Comedy Debut

Performed at the Sydney Goldstein Theater in San Francisco.  (2022)

The Last Straw

The Last Straw

Film school project (2023)

The Winning Team


After an Improv class… (2023)

Sharon Saccharine

Isn't That Nice!

Sharon Saccharine shares her perky outlook on life. (2013)

Distraught Parents

Child Counselor

Two distraught parents seek help from a child counselor. (2012)

Distraught Parents

My Funny Valentine Trailer

For my class assignment, I created a trailer from My Bloody Valentine, a horror/slasher film, and turned it into a romantic comedy, My Funny Valentine. (2022)

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